4 Reasons Why Moscow Mule Is Served in a Copper Mug


Are you one of the thousands of people who is very curious and concerned about why Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug? Like why it can’t be in a cocktail mug like how other cocktails are served? Well, Moscow Mule is the same as other drinks that need to have specific drinkware. If we have highball glasses for vodka, and a coffee cup for coffee, then Moscow Mule is at its best when served in a copper mug.

Moscow mule in copper mugs

Why is Moscow Mule served in a copper mug?

Moscow mule was originally served in a copper mug long before it was known by many. Copper is a good thermal conductor that maintains the chilling temperature of the Moscow Mule. The chemical reaction of copper also enhances the savoring ingredients and flavor of Moscow Mule, plus, the unbelievable benefits it can contribute to your health are mind-blowing.


1. Historical Storyline of Moscow Mule and Copper Mug

The making of Moscow Mule has a very good storyline. It is a story of two friends who are hopeless about their businesses and a woman who just wants to extend help. Jack Morgan and Martin met in Jack’s bar located in Hollywood namely Cock ‘n Bull. 

Historical Storyline of Moscow Mule and Copper Mug


 Martin opened up his frustrations about not being able to sell his vodka. Jack on the other hand also unfolds a story about his ginger beer that his customers don’t like to buy. The other person included in their conversation insisted that she has copper mugs that she no longer needs. Then boom! This is where they decided together to mix Jack’s ginger beer and Martin’s vodka with lime juice as their added ingredient served in copper mugs. So, the use of copper mugs in serving Moscow Mule is not just based on other people’s choices, but directly from the founders of Moscow Mule.

Who would have thought that the brainstorming made by these hopeless friends would turn out to be one of the most well-known cocktails in the world? The popularity of Moscow Mule was made successful by some celebrities from Hollywood who were able to visit Jack Morgan’s Cock ‘n Bull. It didn’t take long for Moscow Mule in copper mugs to become in demand in the world and not just in the US.

2. Copper Mugs Retain the Freshness of Moscow Mule

Copper is very well-known for its thermal conductivity. For this reason, copper mugs can help retain the cold temperature of Moscow Mule so that you can enjoy its chilling sensation anytime and anywhere. Copper mugs have a big advantage over other drinkware most especially if you want to enjoy your Moscow Mule during a hot summer day. Because in many cases, other drinkware can’t really help retain the temperature of a drink. They don’t have the qualities of a copper mug that will stop the coldness of a Moscow Mule from melting.

putting ice into copper mugs

 However, for the best result in maintaining the temperature of a Moscow Mule, you must serve it using unlined copper mugs. Because lined copper mugs are the ones with coatings that somehow stop the cooling properties of copper. So, if it is made of 100% pure unlined copper, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying a cold Moscow Mule. In addition, lined copper mugs are durable too, so getting any of these two copper mugs is a win-win situation, no matter what.

3. Copper Mugs Enhances the Taste of Moscow Mule

The chemical properties of copper make a lot of magic in enhancing the flavor of the Moscow Mule. When the oxidative process of copper combines with the vodka of Moscow Mule, it creates a sweet-smelling fragrance that most people love about.

a girl using copper mug

Furthermore, the temperature it maintains will cause the Moscow Mule to simmer, improving the other ingredients of the drink including the ginger beer and lime juice. So, if you want the best taste for your Moscow Mule, make sure it is served through copper mugs. 


4. Significant Health Benefits of Copper

You may have read a lot of articles online about the harmful effect of using copper mugs but these are all just misleading information. The truth is that our bodies need copper just like how much we need other vitamins to boost our immunity. The anti-bacterial properties of copper are the first thing that will persuade you to believe in its health benefits. 

Moscow mule


Anti-bacterial Properties

Apparently, everything you put inside the copper mug will be purified because of its anti-microbial properties. So you can be sure that the Moscow Mule is not contaminated. Of course, we know how important it is to keep everything we intake clean and healthy during these days where exposure to viruses is rampant.

Anti-oxidant Properties

While some people are worried about drinking beverages because it can make them look older, it is the other way around when you use copper mugs for your Moscow Mule. Copper has antioxidant properties that help you fight off free radicals that make your skin look older. So, there is no danger in using copper mugs because it will make your skin glowing and smooth.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

If you have already experienced joint pains and other types of aches, the use of a copper mug will help you relieve any type of discomfort. Copper is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that will help you strengthen your bones, avoiding bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. We know that these things will not concern you if you are still young but it is actually good prevention that will save you from all these things.

Improves Digestive Process

The anti-bacterial properties of copper are responsible for making your digestive system clean and working well. It will detoxify everything that is harmful to your gut. Making it easy for you to have regular bowel movements and to avoid constipation. Furthermore, the use of copper mugs for your Moscow Mule will also help you lose weight because it will release all unnecessary fats in your body.

If you want to know more about these things, you should check out the guide we have made that reveals the complete health benefits of using copper mugs for your Moscow Mule here.


Of course, you can still use other drinkware for your Moscow Mule, but is the experience the same with a copper mug? No. Only copper mugs can give you a delightful way of enjoying your Moscow Mule. You can’t find on other things the retaining temperature feature and health benefits that a copper mug could offer to you. Moreover, a Moscow Mule party would look more appealing with copper mugs in your hands.

Still don’t have copper mugs in your kitchen cabinet? You can get 100% pure copper mugs here. They come into a set of 4, letting you enjoy discounted prices and more. If you are wondering about the different drinkware used for each type of drink, we have prepared an article for you not to get lost with the right drinkware to use for your guests too.