6 Different Types of Drinkware for Each Specific Beverage


Whether you are a drink enthusiast or just a confused individual as to why there are different types of drinkware we used in our daily lives, this article is for you. Unlike before where the regular cup is used for drinking, in today’s world, each drinkware is only meant for specific beverages. 

For example, you want to drink coffee in a plastic cup, but can your hands bear its hotness when you hold it? Definitely, not. Cups don’t have handles like mugs that will enable you to hold your coffee perfectly. Now, that’s the exact example as to why beverages have to be served in specific drinkware. Moreover, some drinkware is good in maintaining the temperature and boosting the flavor of drinks, making it the perfect fit for an unforgettable drinking experience.


What Are the Different Types of Drinkware?


Copper Mugs

First on our list is the copper mug. You probably can’t drink a Moscow Mule without a copper mug since it has been its partner for many years now. However, the use of copper mugs is not only limited to Moscow Mule but also for other cold or hot beverages. Since copper is a good thermal conductor it can maintain whatever temperature you would like for your drinks. For cold beverages, you can have vodka, rum, iced tea, and many others.

best copper mugs

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The copper mug is also best for hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate since it is easier to hold. However, you need to be careful because you can’t expect the hot temperature to subside fast unlike other drinkware. Furthermore, there are a lot of health benefits a copper mug can offer. It has proven anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammation properties that will help you maintain a healthy diet. Copper mugs are the most versatile drinkware among many others and you can easily buy 100% pure copper mugs at discounted prices here.  

Tall Plastic Tumbler

If you are fond of drinking soft drinks, you probably have used a tall tumbler before. This drinkware is used for any types of cold mixed drinks that need a lot of ice in it. Some examples of these are the iced teas and juices that are often served in a restaurant. 

Tall Plastic Tumbler

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The usual process of using a tall tumbler is pouring all the ice first before the drink. And because it is tall, there is no way the drink will spill. You can use a tall plastic tumbler over a glass tumbler for the reasons that plastic is more convenient to use and they have no tendency of breaking. Furthermore, you can conveniently carry premium quality plastic tumblers with you during picnics since it is lightweight and very affordable over glass tumblers.

Stemless Wine Glass

If you like to drink wine may it be white wine or red wine, there must be certain drinkware that you need to use. The drinkware for both wines is not the same. The mouth area of the wine glass for white wine must be smaller so that the wine will not oxidize quickly. 

Stemless Wine Glass

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For red wine, the mouth area of the glass is larger and rounder. It is one way of letting you mix or swirl the wine and ventilate it without spilling the liquid. The aroma or the taste of red wine is activated by the swirling motion you execute and the oxygen molecules you attract. 

So, why do we recommend you to use a stemless wine glass? Apparently, stems are easier to break than a stemless wine glass. We want you to buy a sturdy wine glass that is handy whenever you need them for different parties. It is easier to wash and its appearance calls for a casual wine night than a luxurious one.

Shot Glass

Shot glasses are popularly used during a night out with family and friends. If you want to get drunk and enjoy the night, your #1 company aside from alcohol is the shot glass. Originally, a shot glass is designed to measure the amount of liquid to be consumed straight from the glass. Which is in fact, still used in bars for the one-gulp type of shots.


shot glass


The measurement of the shot glass goes from 1.5 ounces to 2 ounces and its appearance must be thicker on its base. It has been a tradition that after taking a shot glass you will slam it straight to the table. So that if a person is drunk and takes a shot, he or she can slam it on the table and it won’t break or shatter because it’s thick.

Margarita Glass

Margarita is a well-known cocktail drink all over the world most especially in the Northern parts of America. And fortunately, it comes with a famous Margarita glass that is very essential in serving them. It has a double-bowl and open rim where you can put the salt or the sugar. It also comes in different sizes that you can choose for your different serving needs.

Margarita Glass


For example, you can use a small margarita glass if you don’t want to pour ice into your margarita drink. The use of medium margarita glass is best for your margarita with one or two ice cubes. While the large ones are best for margaritas with a lot of ice in them. You may not see a margarita glass used often but this is a requirement for every bar and home that is fond of drinking Margaritas. 

Beer Glasses

Just like cocktails and other beverages, beer also has specific glasses used to serve them. Since beer comes in different tastes and alcohol levels, the beer glasses used with regards to shape matter. Here are the three most common types of beer glasses you can use for a better beer session experience.

Pilsner Glass 

pilsner glass


This beer glass is shaped like a trumpet which is gradually narrowed on the end. You can often see this type of glass in movies where the characters are enjoying their beers in a local bar. A pilsner glass is normally tall and slender with the measurement of 12 ounces meant for the light types of beers. Its appearance is meant to showcase the color and the fizziness of the beer. 

Pint Glass

pint glass


This is the commonly used beer glass in America. It has a cylindrical shape which has a wide rim and as it gets narrower on the end. You can mostly see pint glasses being served in a bar, and even in restaurants. Its appearance is like the normal glasses we use in drinking water or milk but it is way bigger than those. Its measurement can go up to 16 ounces. The advantage of using pint over other beer glasses is that it can be directly stored in the freezer because it is thick and won’t easily break.

Beer Mugs

beer mugs


Aside from pint glass, beer mugs are also very popular around the world most especially from the people of the US and UK. The best thing about beer mugs is that it comes with a handle where you can put your hand because sometimes the warm of your hands touching the glass will cause the temperature of the beer to diminish fast. Moreover, it is easier to toast with family and friends with the use of beer mugs. They sometimes come in decorative shapes and lines.


There is a wide range of drinkware you can buy for each beverage that you are planning to try. Always remember that the little details will create a lot of impact and impressions for your drinks. Because every drinkware is not just meant for style or to follow a trend but to enhance your overall experience, as you sip and gulp in delight with your favored drinks.

If you are also curious about the reasons why Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug, we have made a thorough research about that too.