9 Superb Holiday Gift Ideas for Beverage Lovers


You don't have to be a beverage lover yourself to gift the perfect gadget for the beverage-obsessed person in your life! Sure, you could give them a six-pack of their favorite beverage, but these gifts show you've put a little more thought into it.

Here, we've rounded up the all-time best gifts for beverage lovers that make every pour fresh and exciting. These ideas won't just delight your beverage-loving friends, but they'll also show that you know your stuff when it comes to a beverage, and we guarantee that somewhere in this list, you'll find the perfect holiday  gift for your beverage-drinking loved one.

Cheers to delicious, terrific gifts that'll have them thanking you with every pour!

 What Are the Superb Holiday Gift Ideas for Beverage Lovers?

1. Moscow Mule Mugs- Set of 4 Black

For those looking to make an impression with their cocktail skills, B.WEISS has you covered. If you know someone who likes making (or drinking) Moscow mules, then this might be the option you’re looking for.

Each mug is handmade by a artisans using a unique method that has been in use for hundreds of years, passed from one generation to another so each glass is one of a kind. We think you’ll find this delivers authentic Moscow mule mugs that you’ll all truly enjoy.

The thick walls help keep the drink colder for longer. The handles are comfortable to hold and nice to look at. This is definitely not a mug that is simply stamped out by a machine. 

Moscow Mule Mugs

2. Moscow Mule Mugs- Set of 4 White

The best handmade copper mug set perfect for serving up some Moscow mules comes from B. Weiss. This copper mug set has a beautiful shine on the exterior of barrel shape.

These 16-ounce mugs are excellent for Moscow mules, and they also work perfectly for other drinks such as iced tea and coffee, beer, and any other cocktail you can imagine. The smooth lip allows you to drink in comfort, which is something we think you’ll appreciate. The special coating helps the mugs keep their shine and stand the test of time.

In addition to all the above, this set comes with a lifetime warranty. Purchase in comfort, knowing that you have the best quality product that will stand up to regular use.

Copper Mugs

3. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Accessories

Cresimo’s cocktail shaker not only looks attractive and elegant but has also been designed to last. It is made from high-quality stainless steel with a mirror finish. It is guaranteed not to rust or leak and remain on your bar for many years to come! This Cocktail Shaker Bundle Set has a 24 oz capacity shaker with a built in strainer, 0.5 oz measurement jigger tool, and a beautifully twisted bar spoon. The perfect drink mixer kit for making ice cold cocktail recipes such as Margarita’s, Cosmopolitan’s, Long Island Iced Tea’s, or Apple Martini’s that your any beverage lover would love!

Cocktail Shaker

4. Lime Squeezer

Lime is one of the most usually pair-fruit for a beverage. Have your beverage-lover in life save time and effort in lemon squeezing using this fantastic accessory from the Zulay brand. It's easy to use and store. It is made of aluminum and designed to withstand pressure and assures a lead-free coating for safety concerns.

The squeezer works perfectly on Lisbon or Eureka lemons, Mexican limes, Key limes, Meyer lemons. This citrus juicer tool has the capability of squeezing all the above varieties to deliver the best results. Not only those because it works great with other citrus-family, too.
The material is dishwasher safe for a stress-free washing!

Lime Squeezer

5. Gin Making Kit

This kit is an excellent gift for a good liquor lover – or be a homebrewer yourself, and gift a bottle to a friend. This kit includes everything needed to transform your favorite bottle of vodka into your new favorite drink, including the Botanical Blend, a stainless-steel funnel, filter, and two 375mL glass bottles with corks, plus step-by-step instructions for the simple process.

Gin Making Kit

6. Ice Crusher

Make your drink even more refreshing and satisfying in the comfort of your own home using this portable ice crusher.  Ergonomically designed for simple operation, easy to clean after each use, energy and time-saving. It is made of stainless steel and waterproof materials which ensures quality. It has a sleek, elegant clean appearance which makes it a unique and attractive addition to your kitchen collection
Ice Crusher

7. Bottle Cutter

 Create your drinking glasses using a premium quality glass cutter. Light but solid, specially designed for cutting bottles and jars with the most comfortable adjustment system. It has five support wheels explicitly created to better stabilize the bottle, for more precise cutting; Easy to adjust the length for up to 19.5-inch bottles; It includes an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade guaranteed for over 100.000 cuts.

Along with these devices, you will receive all the accessories you need like glasspaper and a pair of cut-resistant gloves for your protection. You can also get With your purchases you also get both Audiobook and Ebook versions of the bestseller book “Bottle Art” to help get you started.

Bottle Cutter

8. Bar Knife

R. Murphy Knives and award-winning mixologist Jackson Cannon joined forces to create the Jackson Cannon Bar Knife – the only knife ever designed with the professional bartender in mind. It is made from high carbon stainless steel (420 HC); the blade is precision ground, hand edged, and honed, resulting in a superior, long-lasting, razor-sharp cutting edge. Its unique square tip can notch citrus for garnishes, remove seeds from the fruit, and slice citrus peels. And its high carbon stainless steel blade stays sharp and resists acids in citrus, a bartender’s most common ingredient.

Bar Knife

9. Matcha Tea Set

This is everything you need for a Premium MATCHA TEA-DRINKING. The gift set consists of 7 pieces: 50g of Premium Japanese Matcha Tea Powder, Chasen Whisk, Whisk Holder, Scoop, Sifter, Bowl, and Tray. A high-quality and beautiful Japanese tea set makes the process of drinking the most beneficial drink in the world, Matcha tea, much more pleasant. It' a beautiful and functional gift that will impress everyone.

matcha tea set


Despite what's going on to the rest of the world, we still have to be grateful for all the blessings we have and celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones, and part of which is to give presents.

These drink lovers' gift ideas are perfect for those who love to entertain at home or enjoy the joys of beverage and craft spirits. Send this list to your loved ones for some hints and ideas on what you would like to get for the holidays!