Are Copper Mugs Safe for Drinking


Drinking a Moscow Mule cocktail always comes with a copper mug. If it's not, then you are probably doing it the wrong way. Copper is a type of heavy metal that we often link to electrical equipment. That's why copper mugs are always associated with the controversy that they are harmful or poisonous to use. 

So, are mugs made of copper safe for drinking? Copper mugs are extremely safe for drinking because some mugs are lined removing all possibility for copper to mix with your drinks. On the other hand, there is no way you will get poisoned in using unlined copper mugs since they only give off a small amount of copper which in fact is beneficial to your body. 

copper mugs

Keep in mind that there is no need for you to feel unsafe if you want to enjoy your favorite drinks using copper mugs. We even listed all the reasons why copper mugs have no proven health dangers. Check them out below!

Why Are Copper Mugs Safe?

A Small Amount of Copper Is Good for the Body

Aside from copper being used as electrical equipment, copper is also one of the most essential nutrients in the body. We need it as much as other vitamins and minerals to keep a balanced diet. People are paranoid about copper leaking and mixing to their drinks, without them knowing that the foods they eat such as nuts, chocolates, and cereals are rich in copper. 

Copper is very helpful to maintain the red blood cells in your body and to keep your bones and tissues strong and intact. In fact, if you consume enough copper, it will not lead you to sickness relating to anemia and some bone problems. However, there are instances that a person needs lots of copper in their diet especially if they have kidney and pancreas problems. So, if you know someone who has the same problem mentioned but is not fond of eating foods rich in copper, getting an unlined copper mug is the first easy step you can recommend to solve their health issues.

what copper does in the body 

Red wines and green tea carry antioxidants that are beneficial for your body too. Moreover, if you choose to drink them using unlined copper mugs, it will save you money from buying antioxidant supplements. Remember that copper has antioxidant properties that will terminate free radicals that damage your DNA, thus it helps you look younger. In this way, you can be sure that your immune system is boosted, keeping you from unwanted diseases that may come your way.

Wide Choices of Copper Mugs Lining

There is nothing to stress about if you are not comfortable with unlined copper mugs. The chemical properties of copper will not get mixed into your favorite drinks with the use of coating better labeled as lined copper mugs. There is a wide range of lined copper mugs available in the world market today because it is the alternative way of making everyone comfortable in using copper mugs. Nevertheless, you will never enjoy your drinks if you will get paranoid every time you use unlined copper mugs. 

lining materials for copper mugs

The most common materials used for copper mug linings are lacquer, stainless steel, tin, and nickel. You can refer to the table presented below to find the right materials that work best for you. 

Here is an illustration that will help you identify lined copper mugs and unlined copper mugs:

lined vs unlined copper mugs

Helps Kill Bad Bacteria

Copper is used as a killing agent for bad bacteria that are responsible for body infections. There have been a series of studies proclaiming that viruses that came in contact with copper materials die. That's the reason why the use of copper mugs is favorable for your health in any way possible. Copper contains antibacterial properties to ensure that what you are about to drink is clean and virus-free.

killing bad bacteria 

In what ways do coppers kill viruses and bacteria?

  1. One of the ways in which copper kills viruses and bacteria is through Oxidation. Oxidation is the term used when copper is in contact with water or other moisture. During this process, the copper will serve as a magnet to get the electrons from the atoms and kill the bacterial cells. 
  2. Enabling free radicals of hydrogen peroxide disrupts the bacterial cells. Each atom of a bacterial cell needs to be partnered with electrons to live, if there's no stability regarding this matter, then the viruses and bacteria will die. 
  3. Once the virus tries to adjust to the oxidizing process, it will allow the copper ions to get into the cell membrane making them more vulnerable and easy to kill.

Copper Vessels Are Used by Ancient People

It's not just today that the use of copper is rampant. If there's someone that can tell us a lot about how important it is to utilize copper mugs, it will come from an ancestor. Think of this, during the Ancient time around 2200 to 2600 B.C, they had huge admiration for copper not just for material use but also for detoxifying purposes.

Copper Vessels Used by Ancient People

Ancient people from Europe and the Middle East are used to keeping food, drinks, and other things to vessels. They have been using copper as their vessels or containers to store everything that they need in their daily lives. Most importantly the water they use for drinking. It has been a huge part of their culture to decontaminate water and food with the use of copper vessels. They certainly believed that all types of bacteria and microorganisms can get killed after they will be stored in a vessel for 3 to 4 hours. 

Some researchers often proclaimed that the use of copper vessels might be the secret answer as to why people living thousands of years ago live longer than the people of the modern era. This is a good point to be taken since advanced medical practices such as sanitation systems are not yet observed during that time. So, how can a copper mug be harmful to others if its vital purification usage has already been tested and proven by the people of the past?


With the series of information, you can access online, you will surely get a lot of fake news and misconceptions about copper mugs. But now that you have read all the key points mentioned above, we're very confident that nothing is stopping you from purchasing your first set of copper mugs on Amazon!

Please bear in mind that the only way for copper mugs to harm you is your poor choice of sellers and improper use of these mugs. After that, we guarantee you that no health issues will follow. To fully ensure that you get the safest copper mugs, make sure to know how to find legit copper mugs online. Start enjoying your drinks the way you want them to be served with your copper mugs now!