Copper Mugs for Children: Is It Safe?


As a parent, we know how important it is to make sure that every food your children eats and everything they use must be checked. It is one way to avoid bacteria from entering their body that may harm their health in the long run. Aside from a balanced diet and a good sleeping routine, having essential nutrition that includes vitamins and minerals is a must for the child to be healthy. That’s why we understand that you are doubtful about the risk of letting your child drink from copper mugs.

copper mugs with Moscow mule

So, is copper mugs safe for children? Yes. Copper is just as important as other vitamins and minerals that your child needs. And copper exposure through the use of copper mugs is very beneficial for the energy production of the body. Moreover, it helps regulate the red blood cells and nerve cells to boost their immune system. You can check the other health cases we have compiled below to remove all your worries about children’s usage of copper mugs!

Why Copper Mugs Are Safe for Children?

Some Healthy Foods Are Rich in Copper

A human body only contains a small amount of copper, that is why some adults would prefer to get the copper nutrient out of dietary supplements. The average copper in an adult’s body is just 50-120 mg. So, if an adult only has little copper inside, you can expect that your child has fewer nutrients than this. You surely would not want your child to suffer copper deficiency. 

Healthy Foods Rich in Copper

In case you don’t know some healthy foods you feed to your children are rich in copper. For example, meat, cereals, nuts, shellfish, and most importantly chocolate. If your children have intake these foods, you can be secured that they have enough copper in their body. Think of this, if copper is very much needed for a healthy body, how can mugs made of copper put you at risk? So, if you think that there is still a need to add more copper nutrients to your children’s diet, the use of copper mugs is the key.

Copper Helps the Production of Red Blood Cells

We can’t live without blood. It is the most vital fluid in our body because without it no one will be responsible to transmit fresh oxygen and nutrients to all our body organs. It is important for your children to have enough amount of red blood cells so that they are not prone to any infections. It is not just about the nutrients they intake but also how the nutrients are distributed by the red blood cells. 

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A child that lacks red blood count will most likely to suffer headaches, chest pain, and extreme fatigue. If you have noticed that your child is always tired and can’t bear regular activities that will enhance his stamina, there is a big chance that his blood count is low. The thing about using copper mugs is that copper helps the production of red blood cells. So if your child can intake a small level of copper by using copper mugs, you actually save him from serious diseases like anemia.

Copper Kills Bad Bacteria

We know how important it is to keep your child from any virus and bacteria during a pandemic. The immune system of children is not as strong as adults that’s why if we have to triple our efforts to keep their surroundings clean and virus-free, we will do it. And there is one thing you kept inside your kitchen cabinet that will totally help you with your problem. Yes! We are talking about copper mugs. If bacteria can survive for 2 to 3 days, it won’t last some an hour when in contact with copper.

copper kills bacteria

It has been proven by high-caliber scientists that copper has antibacterial properties that kill viruses and germs instantly. If you use copper materials like copper mugs to decontaminate the water or whatever drinks you want your child to intake, there is no way the bacteria can enter their body system. So, instead of worrying about your children taking in some amount of copper, you should worry more about viruses that may harm them if you neglect the use of copper mugs. 

Copper Nurtures the Nerve Cells

Some parents would want their children to grow up smart. However, only a few of them know that the way to trigger the brain function of children is through their nervous system. The nerve cells or better known as neurons are important because they are the ones responsible for sending signals from the brain to all body parts. For example, if your child is alert to execute any movements or activities that you tell them to do, then it’s a sign that their nerve cells are functioning well.

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Copper is a great mineral that generates nerve impulses to help your child control and correlate with the different parts of the body. And the use of copper mugs in serving your child’s favorite drinks is the solution that you must always consider. In this way, the children will be able to grasp information easily, making them knowledgeable and smart enough for whatever obstacles that may come their way in the future.

Copper Strengthens the Immune System

The immune system of a child may not be as strong as the adult but it can always be protected through the use of copper mugs. We have already discussed above that coppers can help kill bacteria and this is not only limited to bacteria outside your body but also the bad bacteria inside the body.

child vaccination

So, the children can benefit from using copper mugs because the small amount of copper intake will cleanse and disinfect viruses and toxins that might be nesting inside their guts and blood. A child with a weak immune system is prone to different sickness and diseases which is the #1 thing that parents would like to avoid from happening. 

Copper Help Build Strong Bones 

You may often see on TV ads the importance of building strong bones for children and it’s true. There are a lot of reasons why as early as now, your child’s bones must be strong and healthy. In this way, children will be able to grow faster and do activities that other kids are into, just like playing, dancing, and participating in sports activities. Moreover, the bones are the ones that support your child’s internal organs.

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Milk is rich in calcium and if it is served with a copper mug that is rich in copper, you can be sure that your child’s bones are protected. This will serve as early prevention from bone diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis that only occur during the late stages in life.


There are a lot of amazing health benefits of using copper mugs, however, the wrong concept of using copper in most cases led us to be misinformed. Just because copper is a metal, it doesn’t mean that it is toxic or harmful to a child’s body. We even made another article that will reveal to you all the shocking facts about copper mugs

In this way, you will not think twice about getting 100% pure copper mugs that are readily available on the market. There is definitely no harm in trying most especially if there is really no health danger integrated into using copper mugs!