6 Important Uses of Copper in Home Designs that Nobody Told You About!


Copper has always been part of history because of its various uses that are very beneficial to humankind. It is mostly connected to electronics since copper is an excellent conductor and with less oxidation than other metals. However, only a few people know that every part of their house has a piece of copper in it. 

 Copper in Home Designs

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Why is copper used in home designs? Copper is very abundant with regards to ductility, malleability, thermal, and anti-bacterial properties. It has corrosion resistance that is best to use for home products which allows them to last longer because they are rust-free. A few examples of home items with copper are your TV, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and more. 

So, if you are planning to build a home and you came across this article to get some home design ideas insulated with copper, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss with you all the designs and materials that can be incorporated with copper for your home. Check them out below!

What Home Designs Can Be Incorporated With Copper?

Copper Door Knobs

First on our list is the copper doorknobs or copper handles. Yes, you can still use regular door knobs you see in malls but it is totally different if it is made of copper. Copper has antimicrobial properties that remove bacteria and viruses from growing on the handles. You must know that the item most prone to viruses inside your home is the doorknob. Everyone who visits your house will have the chance to hold on to the doorknob and you will never know the infectious germs it contains. 

Copper Door Knobs

By getting copper doorknobs, it will automatically sanitize the handles so that the germs won’t spread from one hand to the other. Bacteria and germs will die instantly if they are in contact with copper materials. With this being said, you no longer need to disinfect your handles most of the time. The world today must be alert in sanitizing their homes and the use of copper doorknobs is the first step to block viruses from entering your house. 

Copper Kitchenware

Copper is very important with regards to the thermal conductivity of cookware. It will be easy for you to cook because the material you use is very effective in distributing heat. Aside from cookware, you can also benefit a lot from using kitchen utensils that are made of copper. It has been proven thousands of years ago by the ancient people that storing water in a copper vessel will purify the water. And this is something that should not be forgotten by the people of today.

Copper Kitchenware

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Copper is also a good thermal conductor that is why most people would prefer to use copper mugs. The use of regular cups or mugs will not retain the temperature as well as decontaminate the drink, unlike copper mugs. Moreover, the use of kitchen utensils made of copper will ensure the lifespan of these items since copper is corrosion resistant and won’t easily break. You can even pass on from generation to generation the copper kitchenware that you have because of its superb durability.

Copper Lighting Fixtures

If you are still deciding on the lighting fixtures of your home, you should settle for copper. They will not just add brightness to your home but will also make everything you see beautiful and glowing. Unlike other types of fixtures that get tarnish over time, copper is corrosion resistant so you don’t have to worry about its appearance and functionality in the future. Its color will only change from salmon pink to bright green patina akin. With this being said, you can recycle or resell them to potential buyers when you decide to move out.

Copper Lighting Fixtures


Copper lighting fixtures are also very affordable. So, there is no need for you to spend hundreds of dollars just to have decent lighting fixtures for your home. Additionally, if you want to start building an eco-friendly home then getting copper fixtures is a great choice for you. Because of its life span, there is no need for you to change lighting fixtures every now and then. Thus, saving extra spaces for landfills to store waste products.

Copper Fixtures for the Bathroom

The bathroom is the basic part of the house that needs to be disinfected most of the time since this is where we go for personal hygiene activities. And we don’t want the bacteria to be stuck there. Since copper has antibacterial properties, you can be ensured that your bathroom is clean if you use copper fixtures for the sink, tub, and toilet.

copper sink


Copper is corrosion resistant and therefore won’t corrode even with frequent contact with water. Of course, the bathroom is the place where you use more water so it is important that you will get fixtures that are rust-free. If they are not made of copper, you can’t expect the fixtures in your bathroom to last long.

Copper Furniture

The furniture you use in your house is not just for style. They are there to make you comfortable inside your own home since you use them for sitting and organizing the things that you need any minute of the day. However, aside from convenience, you also need to consider their safeness that may affect your daily routine or worst, your health. 

copper furniture


For example, the table you use for meals and snack time, how sure are you that they are germ-free? Remember that we are talking about foods here, and placing them on a table that is contaminated will put you and your family at risk. So, your home furniture must be made of copper so that every part of it is protected with copper’s antibacterial properties. In this way, you are not just proud to show off your furniture because they are elegant but also because they are corrosion and virus-free. 

Copper Decorations

Copper Decorations


Home decorations are very important to provide charm in your home. Without these decorations, everything will be dull. But in choosing these decorations, you must consider the unyielding designs of copper. May it be mirrors, clocks, stand, flower base, and many others, if it’s insulated with copper, you are guaranteed of their lifetime resilience. Aside from copper not easily breaking, its color speaks of a great classic theme that can add sophistication to your home.


The availability of copper fixtures for your home is not hard to find. They are within easy reach in malls and even online. Furthermore, there is no need to renovate your house if you have already built one. There’s no rush to buy them all. You can just get some copper fixtures that are most beneficial to your health like 100% pure copper mugs on Amazon and then you’re good to go!

copper mugs

 If you already have them with you, the next thing that you can do is to find the perfect drinks for your copper mugs. In this way, you can give your guests complete satisfaction as they visit your home!