6 Smart Tips in Finding Authentic Copper Mugs on Amazon

The world market is revolving, that's why access to good copper mugs manufacturers and sellers is made easy. Unlike before that, you have to travel miles away from home just to ensure the quality of the mug you are about to purchase. Everything can be done online in just a snap of your fingers. However, you still need to be careful because there are still people who sell low-quality or even fake copper mugs. 

Copper mugs on Amazon


No matter how convenient it is to buy online, there will always be bad people that will try to scam you. Whether it's not your first time buying copper mugs online, you will still question the authenticity of the products. One of the most well-known frauds in online shopping according to the FBI is the non-delivery of goods. This may sound alarming to you but there's nothing you should worry about! We have compiled the shopping tips you need in finding the legit sellers of copper mugs online!


Why Shop Copper Mugs on Amazon? 

One of the best, if not best online shopping websites from the US is Amazon. It has everything you need, so you will have a wide range of options in choosing your copper mugs. They also offer free shipping and great discounts that will help you save a lot of money.

seller return policy

Since we are trying to avoid scammers and fake products here, Amazon guarantees an eligible refund if ever you receive defective or fake copper mugs. Just make sure to report it to them so that they can take immediate action from both parties. It's a win-win situation, right?


How to Find Legit Copper Mugs on Amazon

Check Customer Feedback

    Make sure that the seller or manufacturer is highly rated. In this way, you can identify how satisfied their customers are with the products they sell. If they get low rates, that's a sign for you to walk away and find another copper mug shop.

    Check Customer Feedback on Amazon

    If you search for copper mugs on Amazon and you see the product marked with “Amazon’s Choice”, then congratulations you’ve found a reliable copper mug to purchase! This “Amazon’s Choice” icon is given to sellers with satisfied customers due to their high-quality products.

    Check Customer Feedback on Amazon

    Profiles with a blue checkmark are called Amazon influencers. They are verified because they are the ones who make legitimate reviews and recommendations about the products. So, if there’s that one feedback you need to hear about copper mugs, it must come from them.

    Additionally, it is easy to identify if the person writing the review has purchased the copper mugs by checking the “Verified Purchase” section.


    You need to be careful with the feedback of some buyers who opt to give low ratings for unreasonable reasons. Indeed, these sellers can't please everyone so expect criticism from customers who are unsatisfied with the product. For example, "The seller doesn't like to give discounts", "Items not ship within 5 hours", and many more. If in case you come across feedback that the copper mug is defective, make sure that a photo is attached for proof. You just have to weigh in the positives and negatives of the feedback given and see which one wins over the other.

    Check the Product Description

      You can't buy a product by merely looking at the photos and the feedback of other people. Remember that what you might prefer may differ from theirs. This is the reason why a product description is an included feature for any online product, not just Amazon. You will get the most relevant information about the sizes, types, coatings, colors, and even the shipping information of the copper mugs.

      Check the Product Description Amazon

      As long as you spend some time checking the description, you will never go wrong with getting 100% pure copper mugs. If a mug is pure copper, the color will be pinkish-orange. It will have a minimal design or uncomplicated shape because pure copper is soft and can't be molded easily. On the other hand, the insides of lined copper mugs are colored silver because of the coating.

      Communicate with the Copper Mug Seller

        It is normal to get confused and still have questions about the product even after checking the feedback and details. It's a good thing to ask rather than purchase a copper mug that you're not sure of.

        Communicate with the Copper Mug Seller

        Contacting the seller will also help you identify if the copper mug they sell is legit or not. For example, if you ask a question if the copper mug is lined or unlined and the seller refused to answer your query, avoid this product. Legit copper mug sellers will always be straightforward in catering to your concerns. A reputable seller will reply in a timely manner but don't expect them to respond right away as they have other customers to talk to.

        Know the Return Policy of the Copper Mugs

          You need to consider the delivery time of your copper mugs and that can be calculated as to how far the seller is from your area. Although Amazon guarantees a return policy, you still need to see to it that the seller incorporates the same policy. Even if you abruptly trust the seller, there are things that they've got no control of such as shipping and delivery that may damage your package or worst the copper mugs. This is the reason why contacting the seller is a must to ensure that you get a protected transaction through the return policy.

          Avail of Discounted Prices 

            For you to save more money, you can always look for copper mugs on Amazon with discounted prices. Some sellers will offer discounted copper mugs to draw attention from their first-time buyers. It is their way of welcoming you to their Amazon shops and making their business known to a lot of people.

            Avail of Amazon Discounted Prices


            You have to be alert in buying discounted copper mugs, most especially if the prices are too good to be true. Most copper mugs are sold $12-$15 per item, so if a shop is selling them for just $3-$6, don't waste your time availing them. These cheap copper mugs are either fake or the seller is trying to lure you into buying something that they won't deliver to your doorstep.

             Avoid Completing Transactions Outside of Amazon

              If a copper mug seller tries to convince you to finish your transaction outside of Amazon, cut them off and find another seller. All your purchases must be done on Amazon in order for your copper mugs to be covered with an eligible refund and return policy. Outside of that, Amazon can no longer help you get your money back if you got scammed. No matter how compelling their offers would be, if it's outside Amazon, then it's not legit. 


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              We also provide guidance as to how to clean your copper mugs easily and where to store them after use. Dissemination of this information presented to you is very important to keep your spending worthy and your copper mugs safe to use!