7 Home Bar Accessories You Need to Buy Now


The best time to drink is anytime when you feel like it. But during this time, where the world is slowly adjusting to the new normal, going to a bar is no longer advisable. Although we can still access different local bars in the city, we may need to book ahead and distance ourselves from other customers for safety measures. The feels will never be the same with regard to convenience and enjoyment. However, you can still enjoy your cocktail parties the way you want them by creating your own bar at home.

pouring ice cubes in a copper mug


You may find it difficult to achieve but don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help you plan everything. It is a good time to finally settle in a secret haven that lets you enjoy without worries of getting drunk and be able to drive home as the bar is right next to your room. Before you invite your family and friends to your home bar, make sure you purchase all the accessories presented below to transform your dreams into reality!

What Are the Accessories You Need for Your Home Bar?

1. Copper Mugs (Set of 4)

Copper mug comes first on our list because you probably have heard of it before since it is a well-known partner of Moscow Mule. So, if you are used to inviting friends for some chilling time, get your copper mugs now because these copper mugs can be used for different beverages too. Since copper is a thermal conductor, it is perfect to retain the temperature of your drinks no matter the weather. These copper mugs can be used for different beverages too. Moreover, copper mugs can give you a lot of health benefits because they contain antibacterial agents, antioxidant properties, and more.


copper mug


You can either choose unlined or lined copper mugs for your home bar. You can classify their differences in the table below.

differences of lined and unlined copper mugs

Lined copper mugs are the ones with lining to ensure that copper will less likely to mix with your drink. While unlined copper mugs are pure copper mugs that give off a small amount of copper to purify your drinks and help you maintain a balanced diet. You can buy your first set of
copper mugs for your home bar on Amazon and get your discounted voucher here. 

2. Jigger

If you love to party and watch bartenders making your favorite cocktail or tequila, then you have definitely seen a jigger before. A jigger is a thing used to measure the number of liquids you are about to pour into your drinks. We listed it here because we know how important it is to perfect the mixture of your favorite beverages. And you won’t be able to get the delicious taste if some ingredients are not assessed according to your recipes. The jiggers you can buy can be made of metal and plastic.



You can select your jiggers according to the measurement or the sizes of the drinks you are about to make from 0.50 oz to 2.25 oz.

3. Cocktail Strainer

Every time you make a cocktail, it is important to use fresh ingredients such as fresh lemon, lime, and other fruits. And one way to ensure that you avoid spilling their juices is to use a cocktail strainer. For example in making a Moscow Mule, you can just place the strainer on the mouth of the copper mug while squeezing the juices of lime above it. The tiny holes of the strainer will block the seed of the lemon and will only allow the liquid to flow down the copper mug. 

There are 3 types of cocktail strainers that you can choose from. Find out their different features in the table below.


cocktail strainers


different cocktail strainers

It is a natural procedure to shake cocktails and other beverages before they can be completely served. And you can’t do this by merely shaking the drinks using a copper mug or a glass, it will definitely spill the ingredients. So, make sure that you have a cocktail shaker for your home bar. 

4. Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker looks like a sealed cylinder with a cap. It is the easiest thing that can help you blend cocktails perfectly. After all, there is no way the liquid will spill because everything is stuck closed and intact.


cocktail shaker


Furthermore, you can’t only use them for cocktails but also for other simple liquid refreshments or syrup that you need to shake.

5. Electric Juicer

If you don’t like the normal way of extracting juices where you just need to use your hand to squeeze the fruit, you can get a juicer for your home bar. A juicer will definitely crush every bit of juice that comes from fruits and vegetables, ensuring that you get the needed vitamins and nutrients. This tool will save you from doing all the work while preparing your cocktails. 


Electric Juicer


Just like a cocktail shaker, you can also use a juicer not just for beverages but also for other healthy diets that you’d like to practice. For example, you can use your juicer to make a bitter gourd or spinach juice. Remember that enough water inside your body will help you regulate bowel movements.  

6. Muddler

We normally use a spoon when we want to pulp something at home. However, if you always go to bars you might have noticed that bartenders use this one special tool to crush the ingredient inside the mug or glass. For example, if the Mojitos are served with a mint, the bartender will use a muddler to crush the mint so that its flavors will burst and mix with the drinks. That’s the exact reason why we added muddler to your home bar accessories!




A muddler is dual-sided and each side has its uses. The rounded side is meant for any type of ingredient that can be crushed easily while the other side is for the solid ones.

7. Ice Molds and Ice Buckets

Ice molds will give you the actual feels of being in a bar while mixing your cocktails with ice cubes. Most especially if you are about to shake a mixture using a shaker, of course, the size of the shaker is not big so you need cube size ice that will melt fast. Ice molds are convenient for you because you only need to put water and freeze it for future use. The typical size of the ice cubes used in a cocktail is 1.25-inch. Sizes over that are not advisable for cocktail drinks. 


ice mold


ice bucket


Moreover, an ice bucket is the best container of ice cubes from the molds when you host a cocktail party at home. It’s either you use the ice bucket to put everyone’s ice cubes or to place the bottles of wine or beer if you don’t feel like drinking cocktails. 


Surely, your family and friends love it when you store drinks on the refrigerator every time they visit, how much more if you will have your home bar with a complete set of accessories? In this way, you are showing them how much you want to welcome them into your home. 

Now that you already have all the materials needed for your home bar, the next thing that you have to know is the different types of drinkware for each specific beverage