8 Shocking Health Benefits of Using Copper Mugs Revealed


The love we received from our loved ones and the beautiful things that the world could offer makes us eager to live longer. For us to make it possible, we need to eat a lot of healthy food and maintain a balanced diet. However, as the generation unfolds from one phase to another, we are introduced to bad habits that expose us to different health dangers. We look for alternatives no matter how expensive they are that we almost forgot that the best things are just right behind our kitchen cabinets. Yes, we're talking about copper mugs! 

copper mugs

 Why Use Copper Mugs?

Using copper cups is never a strange thing for many, in fact, it comes with different health advantages. Copper is a vital element that our body needs. Our body can't create copper so we need to get it from certain foods like cereals, nuts, shellfish, chocolate, and many others. However, only a few people know that we can absorb a small amount of copper by using copper mugs. You've read that right! If you are fond of drinking 8 glasses of water every day, it is no question that you will be 5x healthier if you do it with a copper mug!


1. Copper Properties Kill Bacteria 

You probably have heard before that copper has antibacterial properties that instantly kill bacteria and even viruses. It has been proven effective by the ancient people from India thousands of years ago. They store their water in copper vessels for the purification process. It is their way of securing their drinks so that it won’t be exposed to any type of harmful bacteria before they ingest them. There was even a time during the Cholera epidemic where some workers are invulnerable to the virus, and surprisingly, they all came from a copper mining company. 

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The use of copper mugs can do a lot of wonders to keep your drinks clean and healthy. If you store your water inside the copper mug for about four hours or more, it will give you a better taste. In today's sterilizing process, the water needs to undergo different machines before we are guaranteed that it is safe to drink. However, if you have copper mugs at home, why doubt about it and look for other processes when decontamination can be done right in front of your eyes. 


2. Copper Improves Digestion Naturally

If you are a person who always encounters problems with your digestive system, then get your copper mugs now. The same antibacterial properties a copper mug has will help you detoxify your body effectively. It is a great cure to regulate your digestion, so it is easy for you to release all unwanted particles that may hinder or cause inflammation in your stomach. 

digestive problems


It is best to drink water using a copper mug early in the morning, with an empty stomach. In this way, your digestive system will have enough liquid that will help break down the food you will eat during the day. You won't be having a hard time trying to detoxify your body as well because the water you intake from the copper mug prevents you from constipation. 


3. Copper Helps Achieve Healthy Skin

Copper is made up of antioxidants that people would often look for in their dietary supplements. The use of copper mugs will help you fight off free radicals that make your skin look old and dry. Skin dehydration can't only be absorbed from using expensive lotions since copper also produces a melanin compound that protects your skin from UV rays. In this way, you can be assured that with just water served in a copper mug, you will be able to maintain younger-looking skin. 

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4. Copper Strengthens Your Immunity

With everything that is happening around us, we want to keep our immune system stronger as ever. It is the only thing that protects us against viruses and bacteria that we often get anywhere we go. And because copper has antibacterial properties, it will also help us boost our immune system. 

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5. Copper Helps Aid Weight Loss Naturally

We don't just use water to quench our thirst but to keep our organs in good working conditions. Drinking water makes it easy to burn calories and cleanse your body from toxins. And with the use of copper mugs, they are helping you lose some weight effectively. The combination of water and copper mugs will speed up your metabolism. So, your body will only absorb the nutrients it needs and release toxins faster. 

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6. Copper Improves Cognitive Function

Phospholipids are the integral supports to strengthen our cell membrane. Luckily, copper has a component that blends with the phospholipids process to create myelin sheaths. This will help your cognitive system to function better as it permits the transfer of electrical impulses to the nerve cells. For example, when you touch a hot pot, your initial reaction is to keep your hands off the pot, right? It is your myelin sheaths that are responsible for sending messages to your brain that what you just touched is hot and the reactions that you should do next. 

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So, the more you drink water using a copper mug, the more efficient your brain will be. Studies show that older people with unstable phospholipids are more likely to experience Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If you don’t like that to happen to you, you can still get rid of these problems with the use of copper mugs. 


7. Copper Helps Fight Cardiovascular Diseases

The function of the heart is very essential for us to live. It pumps blood to send oxygen and nutrients throughout our system. So, it is important to keep it strong and healthy. If neglected, this will be a big problem that may cause death. Remember that most people die due to hypertension and heart diseases. It is better to prevent it from happening by using copper mugs that will help balance your blood pressure and cholesterol. Copper will also dilate your blood vessels so that your blood will flow smoothly, avoiding blood clots to form.

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8. Copper Reduce Joints Inflammation

As we get older, it is no question that we will start to feel a lot of discomfort in our body and this includes joint pain. As early as now, we can prevent it from happening because drinking from a copper mug will strengthen our bones. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling of joints and bones which are the main symptoms of arthritis. So, instead of buying anti-inflammatory supplements, you can save more money, time, and energy by using copper mugs. 

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The best thing about copper is that it has everything we need for the different processes that our body needs to undergo. Right from antibacterial, antioxidant, to anti-inflammatory, and many others. And it is actually a good thing that this type of mineral that our body needs can be absorbed by drinking water using a copper mug. 

It is funny how these controversies uncover the healing truth of copper mugs for us. If you have made up your mind and would like to start living healthy with copper mugs, you can easily buy high-quality and 100% pure copper mugs on Amazon. You can get your discounted voucher here. We also provide guidance in buying bar accessories that you will need for your home and business ventures.