The 4 Best Smooth Whiskeys to Drink and Not Get Hangover


With a lot of whiskey drinks served at different parties, you might be wondering if there is a whiskey meant for a chilling night and hangover-free morning. Yes! There are whiskey brands made of low alcohol content so you don’t have to miss out on the fun even if you don’t want to get drunk. You don’t even have to worry about the taste because it’s actually made of the same ingredients but with less alcohol. 

Good thing the beverage industry, especially whiskey brands, was able to make great options for people who choose to drink with no hangover at all. 

Does Whiskey Have Carbs?

Whiskey has zero carbohydrates because it is made purely from alcohol. Even if it is made of low alcohol, the carbohydrate content will still be very low. But when mixed with other drinks to make cocktails, only then will the carbohydrate content goes up. So, it is important to check the other ingredients mixed with your whiskey if you don’t want many carbohydrates in it. 

What Is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Whiskey comes in different types such as bourbon, rye, Tennessee, Scotch, Irish, and many others. The only difference between bourbon and whiskey is that bourbon is a type of whiskey made up of corn. So, there is no comparison needed because bourbon is under whiskey drinks. 

How to Drink Whiskey?

For beginners, it is advisable to drink good smooth whiskey so you won’t experience whiskey the hard way or less with its strong taste. You can either sip it straight or sip gradually to have a taste of its flavors. If you don’t like the taste, you can add some water or ice in order to reduce the harshness of the whiskey. 

However, good smooth whiskey with its low alcohol content won’t get you drunk and isn’t that harsh enough for consumption. 

What Are Best Smooth Whiskeys to Drink and Not Get Hangover?

1. Whyte & Mackay Light

The alcohol volume of Whyte and Mackay Light is just 21.5%. It is made from Scotland or from a Scotch whiskey maker especially made for consumers who are still young or beginners but want to have some taste of whiskey brands. Due to its low alcohol content, it is considered one of the best smooth whiskey brands to buy. It is specially incorporated with Sherry casks so you can expect the flavor to be sweet, good enough for first-time whiskey drinkers. 

If you also want to drink the best whiskey with some hint of smoke, Whyte & Mackay Light is right for you. The making of this brand is to purely persuade new customers to try whiskey knowing that it’s head, Ruairi Perry said in an interview that they are listening to the demands of the consumers so they come up with a low alcohol content type of whiskey. So, if you also want to keep watch on your alcohol intake to avoid a hangover for whatever activities you have the next day, make sure to drink White Mackay Light whiskey only. 

Whyte & Mackay Light

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“The taste is of caramel and berries there is also a nice hint of peat smoke. For the price, it is certainly great value for money.”

“Really good that it tastes like whisky but only just over half the strength.”

2. Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey

Another brand of smooth whiskey is Ritual Zero Proof, it is already evident in its name that it is an award-winning whiskey that is made up of low alcohol content. It is also guaranteed that it has no carbohydrates and with just 10 calories, perfect for health-conscious people under keto or paleo diet. The award given for this good smooth whiskey is received from the Beverage Testing Institute, making it the best whiskey alternative for people who prefer low alcohol content types of drinks.

The ingredients used like vanilla, citric acid, filtered water, invert sugar, sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate are all-natural to make this drink suitable for everyone. So, it doesn’t matter if you are drinking this smooth whiskey with your family, knowing that no alcohol content simply means it won’t get everyone drunk. It is also the recommended whiskey drink when going to a party with friends so you can drive home sober even with several shots. 

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“I chose to drink less alcohol, and I found this to be an enjoyable, affordable alternative to my evening nightcap.”

“This stuff is great. When I don't feel like drinking, it's a better option than just plain soda water. It has a much better flavor than other non-alcoholic drinks I’ve tried.”

3. Spiritless Kentucky 74

Spiritless Kentucky 74 is one of the alternative best whiskey drinks you can ever experience. You can now finally cut down any alcohol content without missing the taste of whiskey because it has the same real flavors, minus the harsh feeling of alcohol. This whiskey drink came from the collaboration of three entrepreneurs from Spiritless company who made sure that the consumers have an option to delicious yet non-alcoholic drinks to avoid a hangover the next day. 

Spiritless Kentucky 74

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“It resembles Bourbon very closely and really makes me feel like I am having a drink.”

“My husband and I were introduced to craft bourbons on our trip through Kentucky, but since then I have cut my consumption of alcohol. What a delightful surprise Spiritless is! My husband drinks it neat while I enjoy my Moscow Mule.”

4. Auchentoshan 12 Years Old

Last on our list is the Auchentoshan 23 years old which is also a Scotch whiskey. The 12 years old tag in its name is the number of years this whiskey drink aged in oak barrels. It has a great taste of almonds and vanilla, giving you a delicious taste with just 40% ABV. Although the alcohol content may be high, you can still expect its smooth texture due to the fact that it undergoes three different distillation processes. So, you won’t even feel the burning sensation whenever you drink this whiskey brand.

Three shots of Auchentoshan 12 Years Old is enough to not get you drunk. However, shot glasses have different sizes, if you want to learn more about oz in a shot for every country you plan to visit, click here

Auchentoshan 12 Years Old

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“One of the best whisky I've tried. Pretty sweet, so smooth, and rich in flavors. You just want another glass.”

“Got this as a Christmas gift for my husband, he loves it, said it was smooth on the palate and easy to sip. One of the best Auchentoshans he has tried.”


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whiskey copper mugs

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