The Best-Selling Scotches for Your Scotch and Soda Recipes


Scotch and soda drink is one of the easiest cocktail recipes to make at home. You can easily pull this off with the right carbonated drink and scotch. However, the taste that you expect will not be the same if you don’t know how to choose the best scotch drinks for this type of recipe. Only a few people know that each brand of scotch is different when it comes to taste, smoothness, and smokiness, knowing that they contain different ingredients. 

What Is Scotch?

Scotch is a type of whisky that originated and produced in Scotland. It is usually made of malted barley and cereals, so you can expect scotch drinks to have a malty taste. However, with the production of different brands, scotch is mixed with other ingredients such as vanilla, fruit, and some spices to create their own unique flavor. 

The ingredients mentioned above will make a difference to your scotch and soda. That’s why it is essential to check all labels of the scotch brand you are planning to buy. If you don’t have any idea what scotch to choose, we are going to provide all the information needed with the best-selling scotches for your recipes to be complete and perfect! 

What Are the Best Scotches for Your Scotch and Soda Recipes?

1. Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

One of the best single malt scotch for your scotch and soda recipe is the Aberfeldy 12 Year Old. It is made of a single distillery so you can expect that it is produced well by the said company starting from 1898. It tastes fruity with honey combination, which goes well when mixed with soda for your favorite cocktail recipe. The people behind the success of this scotch are due to the strong belief of John Dewar & Sons, that product promotions or advertisements will keep them going.

If you are looking for a smooth type of scotch, this one’s for you. It has fruits as its ingredient which resulted in a sweeter taste. Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky suits well to your scotch and soda recipe because its flavors will overpower other ingredients included for a well-balanced taste. 

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“I must declare an interest. It is also a very smooth malt with a delicate flavor.”

“Purchased for brother’s birthday,  he loves it.”

“The whiskey itself is of good quality. Very smooth and tastes good. The packaging and bottle make it a very nice gift to give whiskey lovers.”

2. The Famous Grouse

One of the most affordable and best-selling single malt scotch is The Famous Grouse. It is now owned by The Edrington Group but it was first made in 1896 by Matthew Gloag & Son. Since the start of its production, it has always been the most sought scotch drink of many whisky enthusiasts knowing that it’s sold way cheaper than other competitors. Yes! You’ve read that right, you can buy this with just $20 in your pocket.

The Famous Grouse is recommended to mix with different cocktail drinks like scotch and soda because its creamy malt flavor is very thick but well-balanced. If you don’t like your scotch drink to be overly sweet, this is right for you. It also comes with a bit of smoke because of the spices used in its ingredients. If you don’t like to mix it with soda, it is advisable to add some ice when served or consumed. 

The Famous Grouse

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“Famous Grouse is one of my husband’s favourites. Great tasting just as you would expect.”

“As always a great drink for whiskey lovers. Well packaged and no possibility of breakage. Will buy it again.”

“Love drinking The Famous Grouse with ginger ale in the summer with loads of ice and a wedge of lime. It's my favourite blended whisky.”

3. The Dalmore 12 Year Old

The Dalmore 12 Year is one of the best-selling single malt scotches too. It has unique ingredients that are not used by other scotch drinks such as roasted almond chocolate, fresh caramel fudge, and many others. Its delicious taste and flavors when combined with soda and other spirits are the exact reasons why it is expensive than other scotches. You can really taste the sweet chocolate that lingers in your mouth even when mixed with soda or other drinks for your favorite cocktails. 

You don’t have to worry about its sweetness because it’s not too much. The Dalmore company made sure that its sweet taste is enough to not overpower other spices. It was first produced in 2008 alongside other Dalmore versions 5-, 18-, and 25-year old. It only has 40% ABV which is enough alcohol content for a scotch brand to be used for scotch and soda recipes.

The Dalmore 12 Year Old

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“From my favorite whiskies, soft and exquisite on the palate, ideal to taste it alone or with a roquita. That different touch that gives her aging in Sherry barrels gives it a unique character.”

“High-end product with an extremely soft and intense taste. It's not peated. I recommend it in any case because it is really good.”

“The Dalmore 12 year old is lovely and smooth and goes down well neat. Splash a tiny bit of water in that and you get more enhanced flavours which taste great.”

4. The GlenDronach 12 Year Old

The GlenDronach 12 Year Old scotch whiskey is also a best-selling scotch whiskey because its distillery is located in the Highlands of Scotland too. The malt used in this scotch drink is aged 12 or more years in order to get the type of taste the company wants to achieve for this drink. They even combine the sherry casks of Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez in order to produce a whiskey with well-combined ingredients and spices. 

When used as scotch for scotch and soda recipe, you can really taste the sweetness sherry and fruits plus The GlenDronach 12 Year Old have a ginger and vanilla smell, arousing you to drink more than your usual consumption. Just be careful in drinking this because it has 43% ABV, high enough to get you drunk after 5 or more shots using a shot glass

The GlenDronach 12 Year Old

What Consumers Say About This Product?

“I have brought or tried most of the whiskies on Amazon for under £40 and plenty over that price as well. This is the number 1 out of all of them under £40.”

“It is an incredible whisky. Very smooth, lovely Sherry taste. A bit of spice to it.”

“I'm comparing it to Glenfarclas 12 and there is no comparison. The finish is medium and wonderfully complex, the whole thing is just so vibrant.”


If you have more room in your kitchen or home bar cabinets, it’s better to buy all the best-selling scotches we have mentioned above for your scotch and soda. They may vary in taste, smell, and finish because of the ingredients used but they are the best single malt scotch drinks you can easily try now. 

Just like Moscow mule, scotch and soda are in their best form when drunk straight from copper mugs. And it won’t make you use a lot of ice cubes to maintain the freshness of your cocktail, knowing that copper is a good thermal conductor, which will help retain the temperature of the drink. For example, if you want your scotch and soda to stay cool even after the next 20-30 minutes, it is possible with the use of copper mugs. 

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