What Are the Best Prizes for Giveaway Contest


Whether you own a small or big company, a giveaway contest is always something that you should include in your plans and events. It will serve as a motivation and boost for everyone knowing that they could potentially get something from the company aside from their salary and other bonuses. Giveaway games should be given at least twice a month so everyone will have a chance to experience being the giveaway winner. 

giveaway prizes


What Are Giveaway Contests for?

For companies giving giveaway gifts to their employees, this will serve as a foundation for them to stay loyal to the company because they will feel very much appreciated for those small acts of kindness from their bosses. On the other hand, giveaway contests for possible customers will help the company draw more leads because the first free gifts is already a statement about how willing the business wants their products to offer a great experience to their customers. 

Is it Necessary to Offer Giveaways? 

Everybody is inborn competitive which means that everyone wants to win something, it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big. It is simply a strategy that will not cost you to lose everything because you can plan well the giveaway ideas that are right for your budget. As long as you know how you can make the giveaway contest fun and engaging, all eyes will be on you and your business. 

Don’t have the ability to create giveaway games and the prizes that everyone will enjoy even if they don’t end up winning anything at all? No worries! We have them all ready for you so you can finally pull off and execute your plans for the next giveaway time of your company. 

What Are the Best Prizes for Giveaway Contest?

1. Chocolates

The giveaway games are meant to make your employees or customers happy. And if there’s that one food that equates to happiness, that is chocolate. As you have noticed everyone is excited to receive chocolates no matter what type of occasion there is. When people eat chocolate, it makes them feel happy because chocolates are believed to release serotonin into your body. This type of chemical will elevate the feeling of happiness to whoever might be the lucky giveaway winner.

chocolates for giveaway contest

You don’t have to worry about its price because even if you plan to have a “giveaway of the day”, you can find a lot of affordable yet delicious chocolates sold anywhere. You can even have them customize so the giveaway winner would truly feel the love from your company as you share giveaway prizes that are personalized. 

2. Copper Mugs

Copper mugs are one of the best giveaway ideas if not the best. It is classic because it is one way of promoting a healthy lifestyle to your employees and customers. Especially in an office type of setting, people bring their own mugs so the moment they feel thirsty, it is one thing they can always run to for some water or coffee break. Remember that a copper mug is a good thermal conductor which can retain the temperature of a drink for a longer time than the usual glass mug or cup. 

So, if you use the copper mug for your giveaway games, your giveaway winner will surely enjoy sipping his or her drinks during break time or anytime he or she wants. It also offers a lot of health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, you can learn more about that here

copper mugs giveaway

The copper mugs’ price will never be a problem to you because they are offered at discounted prices by buying a set of 4 copper mugs on Amazon! Aside from that these copper mugs are made of 100% copper, the package also comes with 4 straws, 4 coasters, and 1 shot glass. So, it is really a perfect giveaway that everyone would want to win!

3. Gift Certificates

It is everybody’s dream to win gift certificates that allow them to shop and buy grocery items for free. Of course, who would not want to be a giveaway winner if gift certificates are at stake, right? This is more effective to customers because they will have the opportunity to try your products for free. In this case, you also don’t need to let out a single penny because you are using your own products as a prize to your giveaway contest.

gift voucher

You can either offer gift certificates with discounts or gift cards which will boost sales of your products because this attracts the customers to buy.  You will also reach a lot of audiences because people will be engaged in your giveaway contests knowing that there is a big chance that they can win the prize given. 

4. Umbrella 

An umbrella is a well-known giveaway because it can be personalized where you can add your company name. Moreover, it is very useful because it can be utilized whether it’s raining or when the sun is up. Umbrella can also be used as a promotional item so when the giveaway winners will use it, everyone they encounter will also take a glimpse of your company’s name and the business that you’re known for.

umbrella giveaways

Just make sure that you are using branded umbrellas so they will last for a long time, if not a lifetime. If you’ll have your name printed on it, use the ink that will not easily wear or fade out even after how many uses. 

5. Home Appliances

There is a different type of winning desire one can feel when the prize of the giveaway games is home appliances. Who would not want a brand new TV, oven, and air fryer, right? Home appliances are something that is very beneficial for home use, so the giveaway winner is not the only person that can enjoy the prize but also his or her whole family.     

home appliances giveaways

You don’t have to worry about the price of home appliances because there are a lot of discounted yet branded home appliances available online like an air fryer from Amazon. Your employees or customers will surely come back for more giveaway events once your first giveaway idea is successfully launched.


The way you plan and take good care of your employees and customers will determine the success of your business. And you can even get more creative by putting up different giveaway ideas that are presented in this article to pull this off perfectly. You are more likely to generate leads when your employees are motivated to work and your customers will surely remember the things you’ve given them and stay loyal to your branding in return. 

What are you waiting for? Try these giveaway ideas now because this surely aligns with your plans for your business ventures!