About us

The Story of B. Weiss


The private label B. Weiss started like all good things in life, by sheer coincidence. In 2016, the two founders of the company met at a friend's birthday. From the first conversation, they realized they had much in common. But one trait stood out and connected them more than any other -  a shared dream. They shared the desire and the will to be the best at whatever goal they set.


So, what goal did they set for themselves? They chose to establish a private label for handcrafted copperware for the home. They searched for the most expert factories in India and the world in the field of copper and brass homeware. Now, using only high-quality raw materials and 100% pure metals, Indian artisans design exquisite, detailed pieces according to the vision and standard of the brand, and always according to their dream.


 Sold only through the Internet, providing people a way to purchase top-quality products quickly and effortlessly, with professional service that’s friendly, courteous, and reliable.


There’s a large supply of products in the market, but for the most part, quality doesn’t match quantity. In keeping with their dream, they wanted to offer the highest quality. That was the overarching goal.


Our mission at B. Weiss is to build a reliable and luxurious brand that combines top industry production standards with the highest quality control. We invest the time, planning, and hard work into every single product, to bring the customer the best quality products available in the world today, at very reasonable prices.


Much has happened since that fateful meeting at the birthday celebration. Most importantly, it led to a thriving partnership, friendship, and business. Our company now has a rich product catalog that continues to grow. And we continue to dream.