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Copper Decor

Shiny Copper Mugs

Not only Christmas lights can shine and shimmer during holiday season. Copper mugs, too!

Photo Credit: Instagram mornings_on_macedonia

Classy Copper Candle

Sure enough, candles would make a perfect home decor.

Pieces such as candle holders, place mats or even a clock would look fabulous.

Photo Credit: Instragram okhai_org

Gorgeous Copper Mugs

Fall decoration made easy with these copper mugs, and the best part is that when you are not using those gorgeous mugs, you can enjoy them on display!

Photo Credit: Instragram sunlitmountainhome

Copper Vase

This spacious and decorative copper vase would definitely enhance the beauty of the different finishes. A stunning piece of art for any indoor or outdoor space.

Photo Credit: @theeastcoastdesign

Copper Table

This copper-table like piece is going to be perfect for any modern and vintage-themed gathering including wedding, birthdays and many more!

Photo Credit: IG @madampaloozaemporium

Copper Turkish Coffee Copper Pot

In Turkish tradition, freshly brewed coffee is made with time and care and shared with someone you care about. If you have patience and a bit of time to relax and sip on your coffee, the Copper Turkish Coffee Pot is for you. 

Copper Christmas Ornaments

 Imagine adding these handmade copper ornaments to your Christmas? For copper lovers, this would be a masterpiece, giving their your home, office, or Christmas tree, a more natural or rustic feel.

Photo credit: IG @jennifergeheb

Copper Themed Cake

Copper and Rose Gold Wedding Cakes are the wedding cake trend of the moment. Here's one photo inspiration for you!

Copper Pumpkin Basket

This decorative Copper Pumpkin Basket would definitely add seasonal storage to your space for the autumn-perfect item to give your home a festive fall touch.

Photo Credit: IG @farmhouselove123

Copper Bath Tub

The copper bathtub is a classic fixture in art, literature, and the lives of the rich and famous. They were the choice of many mid 18th-century French monarchs, who had the tubs rolled into their rooms on casters and filled by servants with water that was heated over an open flame. Today, it retains its place in the palatial homes of the wealthy who choose to bathe in luxury.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Perfect for cold beverages. Want to try a new Moscow mule recipe? Head out to our blog now!

Photo Credit: IG  @inthemomentrestorations

Copper-Framed Mirror

An elegant round copper framed mirror with clean, modern lines.
Copper and Brass frames add a warm metallic lustre and a feeling of luxury to a room, perfect for dramatic metal accent on your wall.

Photo credit : IG @maisonsdumondeuk

Copper Fixture

Copper faucets have many advantages over the others that are made of other materials. It is antimicrobial and can effectively kill the bacteria in the faucet. All-copper faucets also have good cutting performance, good abrasion resistance, easy to process, but more expensive. 

Photo Credit : IG @chadderandco

Copper Lighting

If you are looking to add a unique charm to your lovely home, copper lightings are the perfect addition to any household or business. They provide a unique look and are extremely low on maintenance. These gorgeous pieces can help achieve both beauty and durability that machine-produced details cannot match. 

Copper Sink

Want to make a statement that doubles as a smart kitchen choice? A copper sink is always the best choice.
Copper isn’t just a pretty, decorative choice; it’s quite durable, eco-friendly and antibacterial.

Photo Credit: IG @signaturehw